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The Joy of Gardening… One Radish!

Here’s one of three radishes that my small garden produced… and yes, this is the end of it!  Radishes are not my forte as you can see.  Now before you think I really blew it and forgot to make it red, take it easy.  It is a white radish, and that was intentional.

This was the first product of my garden two weeks ago, and it brought me joy!  Why? Because  usually my radish crop fails entirely… goes to seed before I thin it out or even if I thin it out, still goes to seed.  Yes, I’ve read the tips and even the back of the package!

The good news is the three white radishes were absolutely fabulous.  When you get that few and they come on different days, here’s how to eat one:

1. Wash and cut away the green.

2. Cut into thin slices on a tiny, beautiful plate.

3. Add a tiny sprinkle of salt.

4. Sit down in a quiet space.  Study the radish’s beauty, and give thanks for it.

5. Inhale the aroma of one lovely slice, then take a small bite.  Spicy!

6.  Chew that one bite.  Crunchy!

7.  Enjoy the fresh zip it gives your mouth.  Zesty!

8.  Take another bite of that slice.  (Yes, we are still on that first slice.)

9.  Repeat process with other slices until radish is fully enjoyed.

This, my friends, is mindful eating.  I teach classes on this (Intuitive Eating), but it is a natural process when your garden only produces three radishes.

I’m happy to report that my lettuce, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and Yukon potatoes are thriving so mindfulness will require more effort when they arrive.  Mindful eating takes more effort in the presence of abundance.

I challenge you today to take the time to serve yourself less and make the experience MORE by sitting down, slowing down and savoring each bite.  Review the steps above.  Describe the appearance, aroma and taste of your food.  You may discover you enjoy it more, or you may discover you aren’t enjoying it at all, which could inspire you to stop eating entirely. This is why mindful eating can help you become a healthier eater.

What is it about mindful eating that appeals to you?  Would you like to become a mindful eater?  I’m just an email away at [email protected]  I would be honored to work with you!

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