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August, 2017

How to Escape Back to School Shopping and Save Thousands of Dollars

I recently read that the National Retail Federation projects parents will pay on average, $970 for back-to-school expenses. “Back to School” shopping is the second largest retail shopping season next to Christmas. So if each family spends roughly $1000 annually, we are up to 13,000 on average from Kindergarten to 12th grade!  Ouch! Want to […]

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Radish Cocktail, Anyone?

My neighbor Annie is the queen of growing radishes.  I have never had good luck with them in my own garden, and she doesn’t even like them, so yes, you guessed it…. I am well-supplied with these lovely, spicy jewels! Radishes take me back to my childhood, and to one of my favorite beverages of […]

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