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Are you Smarter than a First Grader about Fruits and Veggies?

I was listening to the radio recently when I heard a breakthrough news flash.  It was so earth shattering, I almost had to stop to reset my breathing. The radio announcer reported that “new research” is out there that implies that fruits and vegetables are healthy for you and can help prevent disease. Furthermore, if you […]

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You Guys, You Guys, You Guys!

Recently, I listened to a professional webinar by a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree. There was a recurring theme in the message, and it had nothing to do with the theme of the webinar.  It was a bad habit that distracted me so much, that I couldn’t tell you what the webinar was about. […]

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Radish Cocktail, Anyone?

My neighbor Annie is the queen of growing radishes.  I have never had good luck with them in my own garden, and she doesn’t even like them, so yes, you guessed it…. I am well-supplied with these lovely, spicy jewels! Radishes take me back to my childhood, and to one of my favorite beverages of […]

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HighMont Beef – a North Dakota Treasure for Heart Health

Do you enjoy the taste of beef, but worry about the saturated fat and cholesterol content?  Look no further than the Red River Valley Ranch in Walhalla. Recently, my artist twin sister Barb, her husband Paul, and I took a road trip up to Walhalla.  We had 3 agendas: do a little hiking in the […]

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“I’m Pretty Tired” of Under Armour Ads

Have you noticed that Under Armour currently has a campaign going on, called “I’m Pretty __________” (you fill in the blanks to describe yourself.)  It strives to educate people that women are not just pretty, they are “pretty amazing”, “pretty focused,”, etc. I understand UAs intent.  After all, my friends and family can count on […]

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Art Therapy is Real

Have you ever been so focused on something you didn’t notice your surroundings?  For example, you didn’t know it was suddenly raining outside or that it was 3 hours past your usual mealtime, or that someone was talking to you? I recently had a total knee replacement and if any of you have had this, […]

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Children and Veggies: Two Peas in a Pod

The other night as I was picking peas in my garden, I was blessed by two visitors: my neighbor and her 2-year old daughter Renee. I squatted down, opened up a pea pod, and showed Renee the big green balls inside. She looked at me strangely, not sure what to do.  So I pulled out a pea and popped one in […]

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And the Beet Goes On…

When you think of beets, what pops into your mind?  For many of you, you think of the deep red blood turnip, the one that bleeds into other foods on your plate if you aren’t careful. Others think of canned beets, soft and tender, sometimes too soft. Me?  I think of fresh white, gold, purple, red, and […]

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