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The Oscars: Take the Stage!

As the Oscars recently wrapped up, I had an idea. I am going to challenge you to become an actor. Think about a character you have seen in a movie that touched you for some reason.

What would it take you to “be” that person or take on that person’s admirable characteristic (s)? Example: say you admire a character who speaks out against injustice, and you are a person who usually doesn’t because of shyness or because you don’t want to get involved. Could you “act” as if you were that outspoken actor the next time you came across a situation where a voice was needed? What about being quiet when you normally talk alot? I think about actors like Morgan Freeman who often play the strong, silent type. Could you button up and let others do the talking while you keep your thoughts to yourself?

Find the actor who has the quality you admire and see if you can emulate that characteristic. You may find that in stepping outside of who are perceive you are may take you to a deeper life experience. Act it out enough times, and guess what… you may become that person you admire and desire to be.


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