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Frisbee Golf (Some Call it Frolf)… I call it Fabulous Fun!

Every Monday I take three young adults frolfing.  Or do we go frolicking?  Sometimes I have so much fun, I feel like a dancing fairy in the forest!

We start by choosing our weapons.  J. likes “The Reaper” disc so he can warn the others, “FEAR the Reaper!”  before he sends his sailing.  S. likes the red disc because he likes red.  A. likes the Gazelle disc, because it pink, and graceful.  I take what’s left in the “community bag.”

Everyone gets off to a great start.  They compliment each other. They laugh over the wildest throws.  They cheer when someone gets a disc in the tree.  Or hits a tree.  They crack up when someone loses balance from throwing and almost falls over.  The more slapstick the better.  The outdoors invites our laughter, energetic legs, and silly selves.

J. has articulate vocabulary and many of our frolfing antics remind him of Gilligan’s Island episodes which he can describe in exquisite detail.  S. likes to grunt when he throws because he says it gives him more power.  A, our lithe girl, has an uncanny ability to “chip it in” from 12 feet away with a simple flick of the wrist.

With a mix of special needs, this group is bonded by frolfing.  In a world that doesn’t always say “yes” to them, frolfing tells them they are more than okay.  The disc is forgiving and we always get to the chain basket.  We don’t have to keep score, even though it would be nice to record that occasional par or bogey!  We are here for fun, freedom, exercise, laughter, and friendship.  Frolfing surely delivers.


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