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Blogging with Integrity

At the bottom of my website page, you will see a Blogging with Integrity badge and a disclaimer for my blog. I hope you read it, as well as check out the website

I want you to know who I am and what I stand for. For starters, I could use some sponsorship money but it’s not my style to be “bought.” I’m a sole proprietor who decided in recent months to turn my side business to a full private practice.  I’ve had My Coach Bev for 7 years but was never able to give it my heart and soul due to my energy going into full and part-time jobs.  Going solo isn’t easy, especially financially, but it’s my dream and I’m sticking to it.

By the way, this doesn’t mean you won’t see products on my website.  If they are there, it is because they are products I choose to use for good reason, or they happen to be there for no reason.  I’m not getting paid for product placement or talking about products.

Over 20 years ago, Joan C., a lactation consultant friend of mine gave a talk on formula and she reminded our breastfeeding coalition that “free stuff is never free. We pay dearly for it.”  Of course, she was talking about how free formula berates women’s confidence to breastfeed and replaces the most superior food for babies.  She couldn’t convince the local hospital to stop handing out cases of free formula, but she convinced me to analyze my practices.

“Free stuff is never free. We pay dearly for it” This was on my mind the day I stood before our school board and fought their arguments about why we needed to keep the pop machines in the schools because of the generosity of Coke and Pepsi with regard to funding “extras” such as lighted scoreboards for the athletic teams. I remember standing up and asking board members, “Is our children’s health for sale?” It took 3 years, but our Team Nutrition Group’s Model Nutrition Policy was adopted. Twelve years later, the pop has been replaced by bottled water and 100% juice and I’m happy to report that the athletic teams still have lighted scoreboards.

“Free stuff is never free. We pay dearly for it.” This phrase has blessed me, cursed me, ostracized me, and cost me a lot of money and bonuses throughout my career. I don’t mind disclosing any of this.


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