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Grocery Store Tours with Bev Benda, RD, LDN, BCC

When you go to the grocery store, are you overwhelmed by too many options, too much nutrition information, and a voice in your head yelling “HELP!”?  Grocery shopping can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.  Coach Bev will survey your needs in advance, meet you at the grocery store of your choice, then take you on a fun, yet eye-opening adventure.  Here are some of the things you learn:

  • How to read and understand the food label
  • How to compare food products for health value
  • How to compare food products with regard to price
  • How to identify sources of sugar in foods
  • How to identify the best types of carbs in foods
  • How to identify the healthiest fats in foods
  • How to cut and prepare fresh fruit to reduce food and nutrient waste
  • How to identify artificial ingredients and preservatives
  • And MORE!

For Smart Phone* app users:

  • How to select the right grocery shopping app for your needs
  • How to use your Smart Phone grocery store app in the store
  • How to plan your shopping list using your app

*If you are interested in the Smart Phone app tour, the individualized tour is recommended in order to have personalized attention, especially if you have medical concerns.  This option includes a 30-minute private session, “Which App is Best For You?”

Looking for the most economical tour?  Sign up for the group tour!  Group size is limited to 5 in order to provide adequate attention to each participant.

For more info, or to schedule a tour, please contact [email protected]

*If you would like a grocery store tour outside the Grand Forks region – please contact [email protected] for a quote.  Cost is similar, with travel time and mileage added.


Grocery Store/Smartphone App Tour
(1-2 people)
2 hours (includes pre-call, packet of info, and one month free follow-up support)

Grocery Store Group Tour
(3-5 people)
2 hours (includes pre-call, packet of info, and one-month free follow-up)
$200/group or $50 per person